Its Rajesh Kumar Mishra, a resident of Bihar! I have been listening from the various sources about the problems faced by the labourers during the lockdown. Nobody was ready to help them during this crisis. Even people were refusing to provide grocery items on credit to them. Now they are becoming concerned about the labourers who have returned back to their home states through different means of transportation. The industrialists, factory-owners and governments are saying that we would bring them back to work but it is not because they are sympathetic to them but they are worried about the production in those factories which are closed. Those migrant labourers, who have not managed to return back to their home states because of registration problems in the Shramik Special Trains or due to lack of any other transport facilities are still waiting for the government's response on their travel applications. I applied one month back to return to my home in Bihar but there has not been any response from the government yet. Clearly it is a strategy to hold back the remaining migrant labourers so that they can be involved in factory work immediately when the factories are ready for production. They know that its hard to bring those labourers back in near future who have returned to their home states.