Manoj Kumar from Kanke block, Ranchi district called up to put up a question to Dr. Amartya Sen. In his message he says that for a moment he understands Dr. Sen's concern when he says that Narendra Modi is not fit to be the Prime Minister of India, but he questions Dr. Sen saying that there is a huge gap among the rich and poor of the country, how can it be resolved? India is a developing country, needs development in all its spheres. Just as there are limits for people living below poverty line, there should be a similar concept for the rich, that he calls as "amiri rekha". He also asks him the ways to reduce corruption, the ways to strengthen the value of rupee against dollar, poor quality of the mid day meal being served in the government schools, Kashmiri Pandits unable to feel safe and secure in their own villages and the national banks being incapable of collecting debts from people. He asks Dr. Sen if he has answers to any of his questions above. He concludes his message by requesting the team of Jharkhand Mobile Vaani to send his question to Dr. Sen, if possible.