Farooq Ansari from Chhatrutand Panchayat, Mahuda, Baghmara Block, Dhanbad district called up on Jharkhand Mobile Vaani to report a faulty RSBY health insurance card issued to Lalita Devi, one of the residents of that area. Since the RSBY card entitles the beneficiary toward Rs. 30,000/- worth of medical treatment with government or hospitals panelled under the RSBY health insurance scheme, Lalita ji was unable to accrue any benefits of the scheme. Following this report, Gram Vaani wrote to the government department in-charge of the RSBY scheme and asked them to review the matter. A prompt reply was received from the department which stated that the beneficiary would promptly be issued a new RSBY card that she can collect from the district kiosk in the next few days.


Shivpujan Hazari from Baghmara, Dhanbad called up express his disappointment on the state of affairs related to the health insurance scheme, RSBY.
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April 11, 2014, 9:24 p.m. | Location: 10: JH, Dhanbad | Tags: scam   health   BPL   | Category: Health

Birbal Mahto from Baghmara block, Dhanbad called up to say that he just heard Lalita's complaint on the RSBY matter and wanted to add that in his Panchayat the RSBY officials who had visited to click pictures for the card were charging money (Rs.100/-) from people, whose names were not in the list, to enter their names into the list and have their cards made. Those people who didn't have their names in the list but gave money to the officials had their pictures clicked and RSBY card made in their name. However, those people whose names were not in the list and who didn't have that kind of the money to offer to the officials weren't entertained.
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April 12, 2014, 8:04 a.m. | Location: 10: JH, Dhanbad, Baghmara | Tags: impact   grievance   RSBY   health   | Category: Health