Kamrul Ansari from Nawadih block, Bokaro district called up to appreciate the efforts of Jharkhand Mobile Vaani for spreading health systems related awareness. He states that following the discussion on health entitlements and awareness, a lot of change has been observed in their area. Elaborating on the matter he points out that earlier their health center never used to open, now it has started opening and the people have also started going to the government run health center to take medicines. Overall he says that the health related discussions have led to a lot of awareness on this issue in their area. बोकारो: कमरुल अंशारी ने नावाडीह बोकारो से झारखंड मोबाइल वाणी को बताया कि झारखण्ड मोबाइल द्वारा की गई स्वास्थ्य सम्बन्धी चर्चा से उनके क्षेत्र और वहां के लोगो में काफी बदलाव आया है पहले जो स्वास्थ्य केंद्र बंद पड़ा रहता था अब वह खुला रहता लोग जाकर दवा लेते है. इस तरह से इस क्षेत्र के लोगो में जागरूकता आई है.